Meet the Team


Founder and Director

Yurika Tarui (she/her)

Yurika is a senior, competitive figure skater, aspiring sports medicine professional, and founder of resilientHer! Her experiences interacting with various sports medicine professionals inspired her to make this knowledge more accessible for athletes. Her goal is to support female and non-binary athletes to reach their fullest potential while promoting mental and physical wellbeing!


Assistant Director

Joyce Chen (she/her)

Joyce is a senior from New Jersey. She is passionate about making a difference and raising awareness about physical and mental health in the athlete community. She plays volleyball on her school's varsity team and on a club team. She also plays the piano and violin and plans on pursuing a career in medicine in the future.


Content Director

Hannah Hicks (she/her)

Hannah is a senior from Newton, which is right outside of Boston. She plays field hockey, runs, and skis. Some of her other hobbies are baking, cooking, hiking, traveling, playing with her dogs, and spending time with friends and family. Her goal as a part of rH is to empower other female and nonbinary athletes by combating misinformation, highlighting other athletes, and providing strategies to reach optimal mental and physical performance!


Social Media Director

Rachel Kim (she/her)

Rachel is a junior and plays volleyball on her school team and on a club team. She is an avid reader and enjoys listening to music and traveling. She hopes to educate others about mental and physical health and encourage them throughout their journey.


Marketing Manager

Anna Sandhu (she/her)

Anna is a junior in high school and is the marketing manager at rH. She is looking to educate myself and other youth on how to maintain physical and mental health while participating in sports. She plays basketball and loves journaling, writing, and spending time with family.


Content Creator

Jasmine Kwok (she/her)

Jasmine is a content creator for rH! She loves writing about topics she's passionate about and sports and mental health are just some of them. She is a senior; she used to swim and then moved on to soccer, basketball, and softball in high school. Although she is not participating in sports at the moment, she loves learning about the world of athletics and spreading positive messages!


Content Creator

Abby Nguyễn (she/her)

Abby is in grade 12. She enjoys anything involving biology, obstetrics, and gynecology. She's also an amateur baker and is part of her school's varsity tennis team. She hopes to educate others on how to take care of their bodies and help them perform in top condition.


Social Media Manager

Alissa Rogozin (she/her)

Alissa is a Junior at Brookline High School. She enjoys learning about social justice and current issues in our world. In her free time, she spend time with friends and family and dance. She has been dancing for 12 years, mainly ballet but other styles as well, and it’s a strong passion of hers!


Graphic Designer

Ava Lannery (she/her)

Ava is a senior in high school. Through resilientHer, she wants to use her creativity to help make our posts unique and influential, so that we can reach as many female and nonbinary athletes as possible!


Social Media Manager

Phyllis Lau (she/her)

Phyllis is a senior in high school. She loves to read, listen to music, and spend time with family and friends. She also has a passion for Psychology! She absolutely loves her work at resilientHer because she loves graphic design and illustrating. She really hopes to inform others about sports health with rH. She's so thrilled to have this opportunity to work with a team!


Content Creator

Belle Larson (she/her)

Belle is a senior at Howard High School. She enjoys creative writing, hiking, and softball.


Content Creator

Stella Yan (she/her)

Stella goes to Dana Hall School and loves to dance. She joined rH because she finds sports medicine so interesting and wants to learn more about it!


Marketing Manager

Mira Gurock (she/her)

Mira is a 12th grader and one of rH’s marketing managers. She's been a circus performer for over 7 years and absolutely loves to be active. She joined rH because she feel so passionate about the values rH stands for surrounding mental health, intuitive eating, and living a full and healthy life!


Publicity Manager

Katherine Bui (she/her)

Katherine attends Oxford Academy. i’m super passion about empowerment, self-care, mental health, and equal rights. i love running, working out, reading, and i’m obsessed with making spotify playlists. i also LOVE shopping and i’m a huge foodie.
i joined rH in order to help educate and inspire others on mental and physical health, to help athletes put themselves first, to be an outlet where athletes rely on, and to help break through unnecessary barriers in the sports world!!


Website Manager

Michelle Zhu (she/her)

Michelle is a junior currently studying at Centennial High School. She loves photography, art, baking, and spending time with her pet chicken! Her favorite sports are badminton and table tennis. She joined ResilientHer because she is passionate about medicine and sports and would love to create an impact on others!


Content Creator

Lily Vaughan (she/her)

Lily is 16 years old and attends Westborough High School. She runs cross country and track, and she also works at an ice cream place in the summer. She loves going to Cape Cod in the summer, and writing for her school newspaper. She joined rH because she is a big mental health advocate and wants to educate and empower female/non-binary athletes, and learn more about sports medicine!